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What happens to saved patient cards when NexHealth switches to its new payment processing partner?

NexHealth is switching to a new payment processing partner in November 2023. As part of this change, saved patient cards will be erased on November 13.

If you need to charge saved cards for any balances owed, please do so before November 13.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I charge saved patient cards?
    1. There are two ways to charge saved patient cards:
      1. Method 1
        1. Navigate to the Payments tab
        2. Select the Patients sub-tab
        3. Click the card icon next to the patient you would like to charge
        4. Input the charge amount and click “Charge”
      2. Method 2
        1. Navigate to the Patients tab
        2. Search for the name of the patient you would like to charge
        3. Navigate to the Payments sub-tab within the patient profile
        4. Click the “Charge” button
        5. Input the following information
          1. Date of appointment
          2. Charge reason
          3. Charge amount
        6. Click “Charge”
  2. Can I migrate my saved patient cards to NexHealth’s new payment processing partner?
    1. No, saved patient cards will be erased completely when we switch to our new payment processing partner.
  3. Can I recapture patients’ card information and save it on file again after NexHealth switches to its new payment processing partner?
    1. Yes. Patients’ cards will be saved automatically any time they use a card to pay or reserve an online appointment on or after November 13. You will then be able to charge these saved cards on demand in the future. No action is needed on your part to begin re-saving patient cards.
  4. What happens if a charge to a saved card hasn't been posted by November 13?
    1. As long as the charge is initiated before November 13, it will still be processed with our former payment processing partner. You will receive the funds net of any transaction fees when our former payment processing partner makes their final deposit to your bank account.