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FAQs For On-Premises Health Record Systems

What does it mean to access my server remotely?

  • To access your server off premise, our Integrations Team uses a program called Connectwise. With Connectwise, our installation team remotely controls your computer to run the sync.

Why does NexHealth need access to my server? Will another computer work?

  • In order to work correctly, our software has to be installed on the same computer on which your Practice Management System is installed. NexHealth files communicate directly with your database, which is almost always housed on the server.

Why does NexHealth need my username and password with admin rights?

  • We do not need to keep these credentials on file. If you prefer, please make sure the person provisioning server access is also able to log into your health record system with admin rights at the time of installation. Being logged in enables us to test the integration and finalize the sync.

Do we have to be logged out of the health record system while you set up the integration?

  • No. You can freely work on other computers at your practice. We ask, however, that you do not work on the server so we can configure the integration efficiently and without interruptions.