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Instantly notify patients on your waitlist when an appointment opens up. Fill appointments in 20 minutes or less.


a week in revenue with NexHealth Waitlist

Before NexHealth Waitlist, we were calling every patient. Now we fill 15 slots every week without having to do a thing.

Kammie Ridley Director of Operations, Norbo Dental headshot
Kammie Ridley
Director of Operations
Kammie Ridley Director of Operations, Norbo Dental headshot

Waitlist software that keeps your schedule full

NexHealth ASAP lists

See ASAP patients ASAP

Automatically notify the right patients on your waitlist by availability, appointment type, and preferred provider.


Patients book with 1-click

No more phone tag to get patients to book. The Synchronizer matches the patient’s profile in the health record system, so all they need to do is click “book now.”

NexHealth one click booking
NexHealth Waitlist powered by the synchronizer

Bookings automatically sync to your calendar

No manual data entry required. No double bookings. Everything syncs like magic.

Digitize your patient engagement with appointment waitlist software

Click through each step of the patient journey to see what a modern experience looks like

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Patients struggle to find you and book an appointment.
NexHealth Patient Experience, legacy reviews paperwork
Patients see your five-star Google Reviews and instantly book an appointment online.
finding a doctor on google with nexhealth
Patients have to call your frontdesk during business hours.
Let paitents book online 24/7 using your real-time availability.
Patients no show or forget to reschedule.
Patient receive timely reminders so they can confirm with a single click.
Patients have to arrive early to fill out paper forms.
Patients can complete online forms at home on any device
NexHealth Paperwork reduction forms
Patients forget to send in a check for outstanding balances.
Patients get post-appointment links to submit secure payments.
Patient only take the time toshare negative reviews
before using nexhealth, paper forms
Patient are prompted to post a Google yReview when they have a positive experience
Patients fill in a card for an appointment six months out.
Patients receive automated recall messages with built-in booking based on their last appointment date. 

See how NexHealth can help grow your practice

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Frequently asked questions

What happens when a patient accepts a Waitlist request?

Patients on the Waitlist are able to accept an available appointment with just one click via text or email. NexHealth will then insert the appointment on your health record system’s calendar and send a notification to let your staff know.

How does NexHealth prevent double-bookings among patients with the Waitlist?

If a patient tries to accept a slot that has already been booked after it is sent, they will receive a notification that the appointment is no longer available with a redirect to online booking. Since the Synchronizer is also reading your real-time availability on the calendar, you can be confident that your normal booking activities won’t be interrupted either.

Can I send Waitlist requests to more than just patients on the ASAP list?

Yes. The Synchronizer™ can sync both your ASAP and continuing care lists from your health record system, so you won’t have to keep track of patients looking to book. And for those who still reach for the sticky note when a patient requests a sooner visit, you can now add patients to your list manually.

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