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How do I track my Campaign performance?

Campaign Analytics not only includes standard metrics like Opens and Clicks, but also the number of appointments booked and responses generated from your campaigns.

To access these analytics:

  1. Navigate to the sent tab in Campaigns.
  2. Click the campaign you’d like to review.
  3. This will open your campaign’s history. Here, you can review:
    1. Sent: How many patients were in the audience
    2. Unsubscribes: How many patients unsubscribed from future campaigns after opening this message
    3. Undelivered: How many messages could not be delivered–this could be an indicator that you have the wrong contact information for the patient
    4. [Email only] Opens: How many patients opened the email
    5. [Email only] Clicks: How many patients clicked a link in the email
    6. [SMS only] Responses: How many patients texted back after receiving the Campaign (not including patients unsubscribing)