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How do I create a new role?

Administrators may want to control which users can perform higher-risk actions--like creating a new campaign or adjusting live Templates. You can control this access using Roles and Permissions.

Create a new role

A role is a collection of permissions that will be applied to multiple users (ex: front office staff, regional manager). This will help you roll out permissions updates and onboard new team members quickly.

1. Select Manage Users.

(Please note that if you do not see the Manage Users tab, this means your user is not an Administrator in the account. If you believe this is a mistake, please contact us.)

2. Navigate to the Roles and Permissions tab and select New Role.

3. Name your role and select the appropriate permissions. For each feature, you can select from Admin, User, Viewer, or no access. 

Admin: Can use all feature functionality, and can access and change feature settings. 

Admins are able to edit Templates like Reminders and Reviews, adjust provider availability in Online Booking, edit forms and packets, and more. Admins are also able to manage locations and add other users.  

User: Can use the feature, but not view or change feature settings. 

Users can message patients, and send Campaigns, Waitlist, and Form requests, but cannot edit any feature settings or add other users. 

Viewer: View-only access to the feature. 

Viewers can see most features and activities in NexHealth but are not able to take actions like messaging patients or sending Forms or Campaigns. 

None: No access to the feature.