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What triggers each email template?

Templates each include triggers (the gray tiles seen in the sequence) which set off the sequence to begin sending. This ensures your automated messages are sending at the right times for each patient.


Reminders are triggered by the gray time tiles. Those messages will send at the specified interval before the appointment.


Recalls are triggered by the due date for the continuing care code on the patient’s last appointment.


Reviews are triggered at 7:30 PM for every patient who had an appointment on the calendar and kept their appointment (ie, did not cancel, reschedule, or no-show).


The birthday message is triggered at 12:45 PM on the patient’s birthday.


The missed template is triggered every day at 7:45 PM for every patient whose appointment in the EHR was not Canceled, Checked-In, or Rescheduled; ie, patients who no-show their appointment.


The canceled template is triggered the day a canceled appointment was originally scheduled unless the patient has already rescheduled that appointment.

NexHealth Appointment Request

The NexHealth Appointment Request template is triggered immediately when a patient books their appointment online using NexHealth. It serves as a Save-The-Date message telling them what was booked.

NexHealth Appointment Confirmed

The NexHealth Appointment Confirmed template is sent immediately when you confirm the appointment which the patient requested online.

NexHealth Appointment Rescheduled

The NexHealth Appointment Rescheduled template is triggered immediately when an appointment which was booked online is moved on your EHR calendar. It does not allow the patient to reschedule their appointment, it just updates their Save-The-Date message.

New Patient

The New Patient Template is sent when a new patient is added to the system. NexHealth cross-references your patient list (including their name, contact information, zip code, and date of birth) to determine which patients are new. This message sends every 15 minutes between 8am and 7pm when the sync updates with your current patient list.

New EHR Appointment

The New EHR Appointment is triggered immediately when a new appointment is scheduled on your EHR calendar, as when a patient schedules over the phone or at the front desk.


The Payments template is manually triggered by a NexHealth payment request manually being sent by a member of your staff. This template allows you to customize the verbiage which is sent at that time, it does not automatically request payments from patients.

Waitlist ASAP List& Waitlist Continuing Care

The two Waitlist templates are manually triggered by a Waitlist request manually being sent from the Waitlist tab by a member of your staff. These templates allow you to customize the messages sent to patients when the corresponding Waitlist requests are sent, they are not automatically triggered.

Form Request

The manual templates are triggered when the corresponding action is taken in NexHealth–for example, when a payment request is sent to the patient.