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FAQs For Cloud-Based Health Record Systems

Can I use any existing user for the NexHealth sync?

  • To prevent delays, offices should provide a dedicated user (meaning the username is not used by any person or automated process) with full admin rights. The NexHealth team reserves the right to update the provided password to ensure better security. If these two criteria are not met, we may not be able to move forward with the integration.

Why does NexHealth ask for a username and password with admin rights?

  • This information is instrumental in allowing us to create appointments and patients for you, and read important information like recare dates and guarantor information.

Can I use my health record system while NexHealth is setting up the integration?

  • Yes, our integration will not affect your day-to-day operations.

Why do I also need to install the Chrome extension?

  • All NexHealth cloud syncs require the Chrome extension. For offices, the Chrome extension provides a true real-time sync that will pick up new patients, appointments, and reschedules instantly.

Where do I need to install the Chrome extension?

  • To ensure that our sync sees all changes to your health record system in real-time, the Chrome extension needs to be installed on ALL workstations where anyone makes changes to the database (ex: new patients, new appointments, rescheduling appts).