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How do I use Google Tag Manager for advanced analytics tracking?

Adding Google Tag Manager to your Online Booking is both extremely simple and extremely powerful, giving you access to Google Analytics within your NexHealth Online Booking.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is an advanced analytics tool which allows you to use tracking information from your NexHealth Online Booking for Google's Admin Console or even Google Analytics.

What does the integration with Tag Manager track?

We fire events to Google Tag Manager as patients go through the online booking flow, along with attributes providing information. You can then configure your Google Tag Manager to take these events and send them into other tools, like Google Analytics.

Getting Started

1. You will need to create your own Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts. NexHealth is not able to provide these for you.

2. Give your Google Tag Manager container ID code to your Account Manager. NexHealth will then configure our back-end to fire information to your Google Tag Manager account.

3/  You can import a pre-generated Google Tag Manager configuration for the variables described above. The linked configuration file also includes a trigger that fires whenever a new online booking event is pushed to the data layer.