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What is medical alert pre-filling?

When a patient establishes their health history with the NexHealth Medical History Form – almost always the first time they visit a practice – their responses will be cataloged and saved. 

When it’s time for a patient to update their medical history, NexHealth pre-fills the patient’s medical alert information.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure that your patient has first completed an initial health history with the NexHealth Medical History Form. It looks like this when you go to customize your Forms & Packets. 
  2. The patient must complete the NexHealth Medical History Form first before they can pre-fill future medical alerts. 
  3. The next time the patient is due for a health history update, send the patient a request from NexHealth. This will auto-populate all previous medical alerts in the Medical History form, so all the patient needs to do is note any new conditions. Any changes will be synced automatically to the patient file in your health record system.