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How does NexHealth pre-fill Medical Alerts?

When it’s time for a patient to update their medical history, NexHealth will pre-fill the patient’s medical alert information based on previous alerts in their health record system file. 

Here's how it works:

  1. If a new patient is coming to your practice, NexHealth will read their medical history from your health record system. 
  2. When the new patient receives their medical history form, all the data will be pre-filled. Red indicates ‘yes’ and blue indicates ‘no’ for any Allergies, Conditions, or Medications. Patients will then just need to review and make changes. 
  3. All changes will be saved directly in your health record system.
  4. And all existing patients will have a similar experience. When they return to the office, they'll get a digital copy of their existing medical history form and can make any relevant changes.
  5. All changes will be automatically synced to the patient file in your health record system.