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The Dermatology Specialists Offers 24/7 Booking Accessibility Across 40+ Locations with NexHealth

The Dermatology Specialists are on a mission to revolutionize the dermatology industry by prioritizing patient accessibility. Teaming up with NexHealth, they've crafted a best-in-class digital patient experience.

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 The Dermatology Specialists have 40 practices across New York. Their mission is to make access to dermatological care, convenient and accessible for all.

Challenge:  21-Day Wait Times for Medical Dermatology Appointments

COO Gil Messer stresses the need for accessible dermatology care, citing the 21-day average wait time for medical dermatology appointments. “If you have a skin issue, you should be able to receive high-quality care that matches your schedule promptly, and it shouldn't be based on your socioeconomic status,” says Gil Messer.

Redefining accessibility in dermatology, The Dermatology Specialists are shifting the paradigm by opening offices in busy retail areas and providing extended hours on evenings and weekends, making dermatological care more accessible than ever.

To efficiently give patients accessibility across 40+ practices, a system is essential for online appointment booking and a digitalized patient journey, and they found the solution in NexHealth.

Solution:  Flexible Online Scheduling, Automated Reminders, Forms, and Follow-Ups

Digitalizing the patient journey with NexHealth helps The Dermatology Specialists maintain high standards of service in all practices while creating a seamless patient experience:

  1. 24/7 Online Scheduling: Flexible online booking not only allows patients to book at a time that works for them, but it also reduces operational costs tied to phone call management. Patients now have the option to search by time, location, provider, and insurance. Same-day bookings are now possible, a stark contrast to the industry norm.
  2. Messaging and RemindersOffices can skip phone calls and directly text patients for appointment reminders, digital forms, and more.
  3. Automated Patient Follow-Ups: Automate patient follow-up messages based on past appointment types or due dates, simplifying the rebooking process with just one click.

Every appointment, whether booked or rescheduled, automatically synchronizes with their health record system, eClinicalWorks, minimizing errors and unnecessary back-and-forths between our call center and offices.


Results: 50% Fewer No-Shows and Cancellations, and 90% of Canceled Appointments are Rebooked

Since implementing NexHealth to digitalize the patient experience, The Dermatology Specialists has seen:

  • 50% of the appointments are now booked online, enabling patients to enjoy faster and easier access to dermatology care
  • A remarkable 50% reduction in both no-shows and cancellations because of automated reminders
  • 90% of canceled appointments are recaptured using NexHealth’s automated follow-up system

In NexHealth, The Dermatology Specialists found the ideal partnership—a platform that not only resonates with their patient-first mission but also complements their vision for transforming dermatological care.

With NexHealth's Online Booking data, Gil Messer can predict the performance of new practices with a 99% accuracy rate - including the location’s patient demographics, appointment volume, walk-ins, and insurance mix. They can now resource each location effectively to expand with confidence and deliver a consistently exceptional patient experience.

Gil Messer, COO, The Dermatology Specialists

The Dermatology Specialists is making access to dermatological care, convenient and accessible for all. We needed the right partner that aligned with our mission of putting the patient first, and we found that in NexHealth.

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Canceled Appointments are Recaptured


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Reduction in No-Shows and Cancellations



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