Painless Peach Pain Care syncs athenahealth with NexHealth to digitize the patient experience

Painless Peach Pain Care wanted to deliver a modern patient experience but was stuck taking patient appointments on the phone and relying on paper forms.  Using NexHealth with athenahealth made it easy to book patients online and collect patient data: HIPAA consent, medical history, and more. The best part? Every online booking and digital form is synced automatically to athenahealth with the NexHealth Synchronizer.

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NexHealth Online Booking
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I actually started my practice virtually initially, and I was having to send out paper forms through the email for the patients to print out, complete, and then send back. There was really no other way. And I looked at several options, and I know what's been around for years, but it just wasn't what I was quite looking for. And it didn't suit my patients.

I've literally lost a patient or two because they couldn't complete the forms. And then I found NexHealth. and they were able to create my forms digitally. I can send my forms now to the patient. They can complete them and then I get them back and I can put them right into my athena program. And that seems to work much better for all of my patients and me. It was exactly my forms. And the fact that we're able to take my forms and work for that to completely interface with athena, that was the draw. Forms were very easy to complete, very user-friendly, and I mean, they'd have them back to me within 15, 20 minutes. 

Some of these other programs were asking for much more money to do a tenth of what this is doing for me. It was a no-brainer for me. To me, NexHealth pays for itself.
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Challenge: legacy systems cost the practice patients

Sandra Adams, the practitioner and owner of Painless Peach Pain Care, started her practice virtually. She soon faced a challenge when it came to dealing with patient forms.

She had to rely on sending forms via email for patients to print, complete, and send back. This outdated process was time-consuming for both staff and patients. “No patients want to take a whole lot of time completing this,” says Sandy, “I've literally lost patients because they couldn't complete the forms.”

Sandy recognized that the inefficient forms system was not only losing her patients but also wasting valuable admin time, and they needed a new solution that was digital, customizable and synced with her health record system, athenahealth.

Solution: forms and scheduling that sync with athenahealth

Sandy's search for a modern solution led her to NexHealth. With NexHealth, they jumped 10 years into the future with a modern patient experience.

A streamlined system for digital forms

The team can now create and send forms to patients electronically, eliminating the need for patients to print out and manually send back forms. The forms are also fully customizable, “It was exactly my forms, but all digitized and easy for patients to fill in,” says Sandy, “NexHealth could take my forms and had the complete interface with athena, that was the draw.”

NexHealth Synchronizer works with the existing athenahealth EHR, enabling Painless Peach to input the completed patients' forms automatically into the system. “The process for how NexHealth works with athenahealth, there’s no better way to do it. It’s going to be a benefit to me, my practice, and my patients,” says Sandy.

Patients can book directly from the website

Painless Peach also built a beautiful new website, but needed to convert website visitors into new patients booked. They implemented NexHealth Online Booking in less than a day and can now customize online booking based on appointment types and availability – with patients booking in just a few clicks. New appointments auto-sync directly to athenahealth.

“If they’re new, they can cut to the chase and directly book an appointment online because of NexHealth, then my staff can confirm it right away. And that’s wonderful,” says Sandy.

Results: more patients and hours saved 

With NexHealth, the integration eliminated the need for time-consuming manual tasks, saving valuable staff resources and reducing the risk of human errors. Painless Peach now saves 20 minutes per patient form. “If you’re looking at 30 patients a day, that’s a full-time staff just typing in forms all day,” says Sandy. Also, patients are no longer dropping out from an outdated form process.

Painless Peach found NexHealth to be a cost-effective solution that delivered exceptional value. “Some of these other programs were asking for so much money to do a tenth of what NexHealth is doing. It was a no-brainer for me.”

Sandra Adams, Practice Owner

Some of these other programs were asking for so much money to do a tenth of what NexHealth is doing. It was a no-brainer for me.

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NexHealth Online Booking


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