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Get out-of-the-box reports for your marketing metrics, patient satisfaction, appointment volume, and more.

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New online booking appointments per month

We’ve tried a lot of tools as a new business and most of them were a waste of time and money, but that was never the case with NexHealth."

DR. COLE SUTAK, owner of lone star smiles
DR. COLE SUTAK, owner of lone star smiles

Utilize healthcare data know
how to grow your practice

visualizing practice growth

Visualize your practice’s growth

NexHealth comes with prebuilt dashboards that let you track total appointments, recalls, online bookings, and more.


Monitor patient satisfaction

See real-time review scores so you always have a finger on the pulse of the patient experience.

monitor patient satisfaction
diagnosing issues quickly with detailed insights from nexhealth analytics

Diagnose issues quickly

 Use out-of-the-box reports to keep tabs on cancellations and no-shows and diagnosis trends. 

Digitize your patient engagement with healthcare analytics software

Click through each step of the patient journey to see what a modern experience looks like

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Patients struggle to find you and book an appointment.
NexHealth Patient Experience, legacy reviews paperwork
Patients see your five-star Google Reviews and instantly book an appointment online.
finding a doctor on google with nexhealth
Patients have to call your frontdesk during business hours.
Let paitents book online 24/7 using your real-time availability.
Patients no show or forget to reschedule.
Patient receive timely reminders so they can confirm with a single click.
Patients have to arrive early to fill out paper forms.
Patients can complete online forms at home on any device
NexHealth Paperwork reduction forms
Patients forget to send in a check for outstanding balances.
Patients get post-appointment links to submit secure payments.
Patient only take the time toshare negative reviews
before using nexhealth, paper forms
Patient are prompted to post a Google yReview when they have a positive experience
Patients fill in a card for an appointment six months out.
Patients receive automated recall messages with built-in booking based on their last appointment date. 

See how NexHealth can help grow your practice

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Frequently asked questions

How can I identify the main sources of practice growth?

NexHealth Analytics shows how many appointments are booked online or in-office, as well as the Campaign Type and Medium for each online appointment. You can also track open and click rates for your Marketing Campaigns to understand which ones perform the best.

Can I export data from NexHealth to use in other analytics tools?

Yes. You can download CSV files with detailed data to perform additional analysis of patients who booked or missed appointments, received recall or reminder messages, reviewed your practice, and more. 

Do I have to create dashboards from scratch?

No. NexHealth's healthcare analytics platform comes with prebuilt dashboards for appointments, recalls, online bookings, patient satisfaction, and more.

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