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Trident Smiles Dental doubles their patient base with NexHealth

Discover how Trident Smiles Dental skyrocketed to $3 Million in revenue within just four years, leveraging NexHealth's innovative solutions. Dive into their journey to success and learn the strategies that made it possible.

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My name is Michal Hudac. Me and my team run a dental marketing studio and consultancy, and we help dental clinics through 360-degree, highly personalized partnerships. We set the brand, we set the vision, and that's how I met the founders of Trident. So one of the first conversations that we had was their vision to reinvent the dental experience. The perception before Trident started was that dental experiences and dental visits are painful.

We landed on this idea of creating a spa beach resort. There is a massage chair that you can, you know, sleep in before your treatment. There is free refreshments. There is a TV on the ceiling. You can watch your favorites, Netflix shows, and every treatment room is named by the favorite vacation basis, the experience that you have in the clinic had to be transferred into digital experiences as well. 

The website, social media, and also the booking software, everything had to be smooth and you had to have a very calming and very patient-friendly experience. And that's how we found NexHealth. NexHealth has definitely reduced the amount of phone calls that we receive and patients come in already with their forms filled out. We don't have to print anything out. It's paperless, which is very convenient and a lot of our patients do like being able to just do it from home on their phones or tablets and not have to worry to come in the office 15-20 minutes earlier to fill out patient forms. 

So it's been four years since I met the founders of Trident and we're actually expanding next month. We're going to go from six treatment rooms to 16. Within those four years, Trident went from zero to three million in revenue and this just wouldn't be possible without NexHealth. 
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In 2019, Dr. Shibani Raja D.D.S., the visionary dentist behind Trident Smiles Dental, embarked on a quest to revolutionize the dental experience. Turning it from one often met with anxiety, she aspired to make the dental experience as relaxing as a day at a spa beach resort. Collaborating with Michal Hudac for top-notch marketing strategies, Dr. Raja crafted an ambiance reminiscent of serene white sandy beaches, calming blue waters, and the gentle warmth of the sun—all while ensuring exceptional clinical care for her patients.

Challenge: A Tool That Balances Functionality and Aesthetics

Transforming a traditional dental clinic into a resort-like atmosphere was a considerable challenge for the Trident Smiles Dental team. It required precise online and in-office branding, the provision of appropriate amenities, and the adoption of a modern platform for a streamlined patient experience pre and post-appointments.

Michal explored several options, but none seemed to have all the features to cover each step of the patient experience while also matching the practice’s modern aesthetics. “Either the functionality was there but the aesthetics were not, or the aesthetics were there, but the functionality was not,” says Hudac.

Solution: NexHealth’s Modern Solution that Syncs with Dentrix Ascend

Dr. Raja D.D.S. and Michal selected NexHealth to create an elevated digital experience that aligns with their Trident Smiles Dental brand. “The UI is very clean and modern. When you go from the website to NexHealth, you don’t feel like you came from a different website,” says Michal.

With NexHealth, patients:

  • Book appointments online in a few clicks: Patients can book 24/7 through Trident Smiles Dental website without talking to a front office member. All appointments are synced to Dentrix Ascend in real time.
  • Submit forms from home: “A lot of our patients like filling out forms at home, on their phones or tablets, and not have to worry about coming in the office 15-20 minutes early to fill out patient forms,” says Yessenia Moroyoqui (Treatment Coordinator).
  • Receive personalized reminders: Automated reminders reduce patient no-shows without requiring manual work from the staff.
  • Pay from their phone: Collect payments faster with digital reminders that allow patients to pay online.
  • Leave a review: Patients are sent a link to provide feedback on their visit. 4 and 5-star reviews are directed to Google.
  • Book in 1-click to come back againPatients are auto-sent a text and email to return to the office, where they can book their next appointment in 1 click.  


Results: $3 Million in Revenue and 200 New Patients a Month

The transformational collaboration with NexHealth and the vision of Trident Smiles Dental yielded remarkable results over four years:

  • $3 million in revenue: “Trident Smiles Dental went from zero to three million in revenue and this just wouldn't be possible without NexHealth and we’re excited for what’s to come,” says Michal Hudac. 
  • 200 monthly volume of new patients: Patients now have the flexibility to skip phone calls and directly book online, making it easier for new patients to convert from the website. 

What’s Next: Expanding their office from 6 to 16 Chairs

With more patients coming through the door, Trident Smiles Dental is continuing to expand efficiently with NexHealth. In the next year, Trident Smiles Dental will be looking to expand their existing location, adding 10 more operatories to their practice.

Michal Hudac, Marketing Partner of Trident Smiles Dental

Within four years, Trident Smiles Dental went from zero to three million in revenue and this wouldn't be possible without NexHealth.

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$3 Million

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200 new patients 

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