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The New NexHealth iPad App

NexHealth has reimagined the in-office forms experience with a new iPad app. The new app makes it easy to log in, search and find patients, have patients complete forms, and sync all forms directly to your health record system.

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One iPad app to run your practice

When patients walk into a practice, they get handed a clipboard with paper forms. After pages of paperwork, the office team needs to transcribe all data into the health record system. Hours of wasted time for both patients and staff.

The new NexHealth iPad App saves practice hours every day by bringing the ease of digital forms to the in-office patient experience.

Patient search in the iPad

When a patient walks into the office, you want to find the patient file fast and avoid navigating through the health record system. The NexHealth iPad app has quick patient search within the application, saving you valuable time. Search by first or last name to quickly find the right patient.

Once you find the patient, you can select multiple forms at once for them to fill out. Just hand the iPad to the patient to get started.

Auto sync completed forms

Downloading and importing completed patient forms is a thing of the past. The NexHealth Synchronizer powers the iPad app, automatically syncing patient paperwork to your health record system.

Once the form is completed by the patient, it auto updates into your health record system like magic. No more transcription errors, data entry, or downloads.

More iPad features coming soon

This is just the start of the NexHealth app. We'll introduce this summer new iPad app updates, including a "Today View" and pre-filling medical history into a patient form.

Get started now!

If you are already using NexHealth Forms on your computer, you can download the NexHealth app on your iPad by searching “NexHealth” in the App Store. Simply log in with your NexHealth credentials and you’re good to go!

If you already have the app, here’s how to get with the new NexHealth iPad experience:

  1. Open the App Store on your iPad
  2. Search for “NexHealth” in the iPad store
  3. Download the app or update the application if you already have it downloaded

And away you go!

If you’d like to see a personal demo of the NexHealth iPad app and digital forms, visit our Forms website to schedule a demo. And if you are already using the app and have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected], and we'll be happy to help.


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