How Falmouth Pediatric Reduces Staffing Needs With The NexHealth Synchronizer™

Explore how Falmouth Pediatric reduced staffing needs with NexHealth's automation. Learn about the transformative impact of streamlining administrative tasks, improving efficiency and patient experience.

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The ROI on NexHealth is, in my opinion, immeasurable. It's worth the money. I've used five other systems, and this is the Taj Mahal of all systems. Providing a patient experience before NexHealth was tedious, time-consuming, and daunting. It's almost as if NexHealth took the best of the best, tailored it to fit the dental world, to work so efficiently that my front desk has more time to do what they actually need to do.
They can schedule their own appointments. They get the text reminder automatically to thank them for scheduling their appointment. They also get a reminder of their appointment and a friendly reminder the day out that we no longer have to do. We no longer have to send out the paperwork. When the patient fills out their med history form, it automatically imports them into the med history section of Dentrix. So my hygiene, all they have to do is go in, look, boom, boom, boom, boom. They don't have to sit there and input everything themselves.
We don't have to scan their ID. We don't have to scan their insurance card. All of their birthday, all of their address, all of their information is automatically imported. It's a lot less hoops I need to jump through. Having NexHealth has reduced the need drastically to hire a third person upfront. It's a stress reliever. It's the Taj Mahal of all systems. I don't know how more clear I can be, but I will never go back to the other ones that I've used. Game-changing.
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Problem: Falmouth Pediatric needed more bandwidth at the front desk

“Providing a patient experience was tedious, time-consuming, and daunting,“ says Shaye Cheslock, the Practice Administrator of Falmouth Pediatric. Shaye’s small team was overwhelmed by the manual tasks of providing a great patient experience: scheduling appointments, sending out reminders, and dealing with the paperwork (scanning IDs, insurance cards, typing in personal information, etc.)

These challenges resulted in the office being understaffed, creating the need for a third person to handle the excess administrative tasks or find ways to automate their patient experience.

Solution: NexHealth automates the patient experience

NexHealth was introduced as a comprehensive solution to these challenges. It was designed specifically to automate and streamline administrative tasks in the patient experience, giving time back to practices like Falmouth Pediatric to spend with patients. This includes:

  • Appointment Scheduling: Patients view available slots and schedule their own appointments, thereby reducing the workload of administrative staff. The patient's scheduled appointment automatically appears in your Dentrix calendar because NexHealth synchronizes with Dentrix.
  • Automated Reminders: NexHealth sends automatic text reminders to patients regarding their upcoming appointments. This feature minimizes missed appointments and the need for manual follow-ups.
  • Patient Forms: Patient form packets are automatically sent before their appointment to reduce in-office wait times. When the patient submits the forms, each piece of information, including personal info, insurance cards, and medical history, is uploaded into the right field in Dentrix, thanks to the NexHealth Synchronizer™. 
  • Payment Requests: Post-appointment, patients submit the payment online, reducing paperwork and improving the speed of payment collection.
  • Google Reviews: After their appointment, patients automatically receive a message asking them to leave a review, thus improving the practice's online reputation on Google without extra manual effort. 
  • Re-care: NexHealth is programmed to automatically remind patients to book their re-care appointment six months later with just one click. This keeps patients on track with their dental health and ensures a steady flow of appointments for the practice.

By automating these processes with the NexHealth Synchronizer, Falmouth Pediatric reduces the steps needed to manage administrative duties, leading to significant time savings, improved efficiency, and better patient experience.


Results: Saving the practice a ~$60,000 salary

Because NexHealth automates appointment scheduling, reminders, forms, payments, reviews, and recalls, the team no longer needed to hire a third front office staff member, saving the practice ~$60,000 on an annual salary. Overall, the solution relieved stress, increased efficiency, and improved the patient experience. The return on investment (ROI) was deemed immeasurable, greatly outweighing the cost.

Shaye Cheslock, Practice Administrator

“The ROI on NexHealth is, in my opinion, immeasurable. It's worth the money. I've used five other systems, and this is the Taj Mahal of all systems.”

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Product Used
One-Click Recalls
NexHealth Online Booking
Automated Reminders
NexHealth Reviews

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