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A Leap Forward with NexHealth Forms

An easier to use Forms tab, batch Form reminders, Form sync status, fast Form filters, and more.

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Less time in the Forms tab, more time with patients

Practices typically see less than 20% of patients complete their form before coming into the office. With our new NexHealth Forms upgrade, we're going to make your pre-appointment Form completions skyrocket.

We've made it easier to manage your Forms, filter by completion status, and send batch reminders to patients.

In addition, Medical History Forms will now be prefilled, so patients can complete them much faster.

Practices and patients will both love this upgrade and you'll save hours each day by having all your Forms completed and synced like magic.

Quickly filter by Forms status

Effortlessly switch between viewing active, synced, expired, or archived requests to help you stay on top of your digital paperwork without the hassle!

Sort requests by status and due date

NexHealth Forms now allows you to sort these requests, not just by their status but also by their due dates.

Easily send batch Reminders

Easily select outstanding requests to send Reminders to however many patients you want, boosting your Forms completion rate with less effort.

Prioritize requests that need immediate attention

Completed paperwork that didn't make it into your health record system will be displayed first, ensuring that no critical information goes unnoticed and allowing you to manually sync the forms and address gaps in the patient file.

Save patients time with Medical History Pre-Fills

Annual health history updates used to be a drag. Now, patients only have to indicate new conditions or changes to their health with pre-filled Medical History Forms. This feature is available for practices using Dentrix, Dentrix Enterprise, Eaglesoft, or Open Dental.

Ready to get the new, upgraded NexHealth Forms?

NexHealth customers already have access to updated NexHealth Forms and we’re excited to see your filters in action!

Interested in getting NexHealth Forms for your practice? Schedule a demo and start saving time on paperwork.

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