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The New NexHealth Waitlist

‍The NexHealth Waitlist fills canceled appointments in as little as 20 minutes, driving thousands of dollars of revenue for practices per week and increasing patient satisfaction

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Never worry about late cancellations again

Practices lose upwards of $30,000 a year from patient cancellations. What if you could fill every last-minute cancellation with a happy patient?

NexHealth is launching the first smart Waitlist experience – powered by the NexHealth Synchronizer – filling empty chairs in as little as 20 minutes.

Patients will no longer wait weeks for a new appointment, with the NexHealth Waitlist making it as easy as one tap to match and book appointments—an experience that will surprise and delight patients.

How Waitlist works:

1) Create a custom send for your full waitlist

Send out Waitlist availability, by date, provider, and operatory to all your Waitlist patients. Not sure what’s available? No need to search the calendar–the NexHealth dashboard now displays the available slots!

The average NexHealth practice fills each appointment slot in under 20 minutes, with patients able to confirm a new appointment with just a single tap.

2) Read your ASAP and Continuing Care lists

The NexHealth Synchronizer reads your ASAP list and recare patients in your health record system to know the right patients to message when the schedule opens up.

3) Add multiple appointment openings in a single message

The new NexHealth Waitlist allows you to select all empty calendar slots for a single message to your waiting patients. Patients love the flexibility of having options, and it dramatically cuts down on the number of messages your practice needs to send.

4) Patients confirm with 1 tap

The office team can sit back and watch the magic work once they hit send. When the patient selects an appointment, the NexHealth Synchronizer auto inserts the appointment into your calendar, eliminating data entry and preventing double bookings.‍

5) Quick-send to a single patient

No more back and forth with patients who request to book sooner: jump into the NexHealth Waitlist to send specific options to any patients you select. 

Waiting for you!

The NexHealth Waitlist is available for all NexHealth customers starting today. To see how to use the new Waitlist, we created a 4 minute video walkthrough:

If you are not already a NexHealth customer and are interested in trying NexHealth Waitlist, grab a time with our team, and we’ll walk you through it.

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