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Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry Eliminates Patient No-Shows with NexHealth Payments

When Dr. Turnwald modernized his practice with NexHealth, he instantly saw results, averaging 15 new patients a month. More impressively, they saw 0 cancellations and no-shows with those new patients.

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NexHealth Online Booking
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NexHealth Reviews
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From a management standpoint, we were stuck in the 80's. And I think that dentistry as a whole is somewhat stuck in the 80's. Just like you hear a lot of medical clinics.
Still to this day is we would ask them to come in 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork, and 75% of the time the patients would show up at their appointment time, not 15 minutes early. We would make a confirmation call the day before statements were mailed out.
Everything was just I like to use the word clunky. Everything was just really clunky. It was like analog digital, analog digital, back and forth, back and forth. Even though there are a lot of different technologies out there, they kind of all have to be piecemealed together in order to create that streamlined patient experience.
And that's one of the reasons I really like NexHealth. Flow is kind of you find us online, probably from our good reviews. You book online. And then as soon as we get the email from NexHealth saying that an appointment has been booked, then someone from our office reaches out and calls, introduces themselves, asks them if they have any questions, reminds them that they'll be getting an email with their new patient forms and if they could kindly fill those out before their visit.
And then they get their automated email after their visit asking for a review. Our reviews have skyrocketed. And then that just continues the cycle of finding more patients that are looking for a higher level, better experience.
Because we require a credit card to hold the appointment for new patients, we get like zero no-shows from our online booking patients. We get anywhere from like 7 to 15 online bookings per month.
I feel like we might have lost those patients otherwise, because clearly they're going to our website because they want to do it online, where if the only option was to call, they probably wouldn't have called.

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Challenge: Dentistry is Stuck in the 80s

The digital age has made it possible to book restaurants and flights directly from a mobile phone, but the dental industry has yet to adopt the same convenience for patients.

That’s why Dr. Benjamin Turnwald says, “From a management standpoint, dentistry as a whole is somewhat stuck in the 80s.” Even in 2023, patients are still stuck waiting on the phone book and showing up 15 minutes before an appointment to fill out paperwork. “Everything’s just really clunky.”

When Dr. Turnwald purchased his practice in Schaumburg, IL from a seasoned dentist, he knew he needed to create a frictionless patient experience to schedule an appointment, fill out paperwork, and ensure they show up to the office for their visit.

Solution: A Patient Journey for This Generation

“Even though there are a lot of different technologies out there, they all have to be piecemealed together to create that streamlined patient experience,” but NexHealth is the only solution that automates Dr. Turnwald’s entire patient journey from appointment booking to collecting reviews.

This is how it works:

1. Schedule an appointment

With NexHealth Online Bookingpatient can book an available slot from Dr. Turnwald’s website at any time of the day. Because NexHealth syncs with Dentrix in real-time, once the patient selects a time, the appointment instantly appears on the office calendar.

2. Add a deposit payment to Online Booking

To avoid no-shows, Dr. Turnwald uses NexHealth Payments to collect a $50 deposit from patients to book an appointment online. “Because we require a credit card to hold the appointment for new patients,” says Dr. Turnwald, “we get zero no-shows from our online booking patients.”

3. Automate appointment reminders

Automated Reminders are sent to patients two weeks, two days, and two hours before an appointment that include their digital forms to ensure they show up and can be seen quickly.

4. Send a review post-appointment

After the appointmenta message is automatically sent to the patient to leave a review. NexHealth syncs with Google to push positive online reviews directly to Dr. Turnwald’s business account.

Benajmin Turnwald Reviews
Benajmin Turnwald Reviews

Results: Patients Book Online and Never No-Show

With 100+ Google reviews and an improved online presence, Dr. Turnwald sees 15 more online bookings a month. “We could have lost those patients otherwise because if the only option was to call, they probably would never have called,” says Sarah Sherry, Marketing Director of Benjamin Turnwald Dentistry.

But more impressively, they saw 0 cancellations and no shows with all those new patients because of Online Payments. When patients schedule online, they are automatically sent a link to put a credit card down on file to secure that online appointment.

When we first started, patients were booking online then not showing up to the appointment,” says Sarah, “and the second we added the commitment with a credit card using NexHealth, there's hasn’t been a single no-show since then.”


Dr. Turnwald DDS, Owner & Dentist

NexHealth wasn't our first automated reminder service, but it’s at a totally different level of customization. And it also just looks like our practice looks, which is high-tech and with the times.

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Product Used
NexHealth Online Booking
Automated Reminders
NexHealth Reviews


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