NexHealth Support

How do I use patient Forms on the iPad?

Patient check-in is easier than ever with NexHealth Forms on the iPad.

Previously, offices needed to use the Enlive desktop installer to load a patient from the health record system to the iPad to complete digital forms in the office. Now, front office staff can search for a patient directly within the NexHealth app to start a forms session.

  1. Open the NexHealth app
  2. Click “Search patient” in the search bubble at the top of the app
  3. Type in the first name and select the patient from the dropdown
  4. Select the forms or packets you want the patient to complete
  5. Click “start” and hand the iPad to the patient

Once the patient completes all forms, they will be prompted to view & email their forms or press the “All Done” button. At this point, the patient is prompted to return the iPad to the front desk.

We have also implemented an extra security step to help keep your practice HIPAA compliant Office staff will need to enter the iPad’s PIN (security code) between each Forms session in the NexHealth app. This helps ensure that completed paperwork syncs to the right patient file and also prevents patients from accidentally viewing each other’s forms.